Promotional Product Management

There are thousands of promotional print and promo products companies. What sets us apart? We focus on enterprise management of promotional products and brand strategies. Our clients are large enterprises who require our services to drive out cost, and manage your enterprise needs.

Paragon Print Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive promotions product and brand management platform for large enterprises. We connect all of your cost centers, marketing managers, and purchasing decision makers using our powerful platform. Our services drive out cost of managing, ordering, distributing and billing promotional products. We reduce the cost of the life cycle of the product, and drive costs out of the process. Buyers, managers and all decision makers gain visibility in daily requirements of all promotional products while not having to manage ordering and distribution.

Our Focus

  • Reduce procurement costs
  • Stock, distribute and manage all promotional products
  • Central Platform: Manages daily distribution requirements, rollouts, sales and marketing campaigns and tradeshows, special events.
  • Your online company store. Not a canned platform – built to your specifications and process. Our custom websites drive order processing automatically through your approval process by cost center.
  • Custom reporting and visibility on all activity.
  • Monthly billing by cost center to reduce cost of A/P. 1 invoice per month – 12 payments per year. Consider the reduction of cost with thousands of shipments per year.
  • Focus on brand and marketing rather than supply chain requirements

We provide the support, account management, processes, and platform to assist in the marketing and merchandising management of any size enterprise. We drive efficiencies at every stage of the promotional process.
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