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Custom Business Check Printing

Custom Business Check Printing

Custom business check printing requires expertise in document security and the ability to meet any print application requirement, including laser, pin-fed, pressure seal or handwritten books.

We offer custom printing of payroll and accounts payable checks. Our checks have available a choice of security features and customization. We offer laser checks, booklet checks, continuous or pin-fed checks, and pressure seal checks. Our checks are available in stock or custom. We can match your software application to any of our stock check formats.

Available Security Features Includes:

  • Void Pantographs
  • MICR Numbering
  • Sealed & Secure Mailer Formats
  • Latent Image
  • Simulated Watermark
  • Pattern Carbon
  • Black-out Areas
  • Self-Contained Mailers
  • Traditional Envelope Mailers
  • Document Personalization
  • High Resolution Borders
  • Micro Printing
  • Visible and Obscured Security Features
  • Copy-Resistant Printing and Patterns

Laser Checks

Laser checks are produced in single sheets to feed easily through most popular laser printers. The check can be at the top or in the middle, depending on the software it is designed for.

Continuous Checks

Continuous checks are designed to feed through a dot-matrix printer. The pins of the printer strike the check and leave an image. If the check is of multi-part carbonless construction, the image goes through to the plies underneath.

Pressure Seal Checks

Pressure Seal forms are single part forms, which after being imaged are folded into a mailer, using folder-sealer equipment. U-Seal is a similar product to Pressure Seal, but it does not need a folder-sealer to be sealed; sealing can be done by hand just like a press and seal envelope.

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Our Process

See how our process guarantees results

— Determine Needs —
Determining your exact needs is what sets us apart. We make you aware of all the possibilities that guarantee your best product and price.
— Quote —
Our quotes are returned promptly and we will contact you with any questions immediately. We will offer price breaks and recommendations to show you opportunity for savings.
— Design —
Simply provide us your art file or design concept, or utilize our art department. We can assist with design to help you speed the process from concept to creation. We can provide material samples to test in your environment to ensure proof of concept.
— Proof Approval —
We will provide a proof and/or CAD to ensure accuracy of specifications and design. We work carefully to insure your product meets all requirements.
— Deliver —
Your perfect product arrives! Multiple ship locations, special packaging, your choice of carrier – no problem.