Document Security

Business is at a greater risk today than ever. Counterfeit and fraudulent documents not only cost lost revenue, counterfeit attacks can damage company brand, future sales and customer service. Documents that can be used to create or assume another identity can help criminals gain access to secure areas, data or services. We help you create affordable secure documents that go beyond due diligence. We offer feature rich counterfeit deterrent solutions for printed security products. Our goal - offer the most secure documents possible at the lowest cost.

Risk Analysis

We provide a risk analysis on any document or label that may be a target of counterfeiting. Once completed we suggest the level of security and available types of security available to protect your document.

Covert Security

Hidden security that is not easily detectable. Security inks, micro-printing, chemical sensitive stains, invisible fibers, toner adhesion coatings, documents that cannot be altered by chemical counterfeiting and more.

Overt Security

Think of these features as “barking dogs”. They say, you cannot counterfeit me. These documents feature watermarks, security inks, visible fibers, bleed thru numbering, void pantographs with warnings, holographic foils, heat sensitive papers and more.

Security Labels

We are label experts and provide a full line of security labels. Our Tamper Evident Labels include, timed void labels, (labels where the word Void or Null appears over a set time, typically 24 hours), VOID pattern labels and destructible labels. Our labels can be thermally printed on all the most popular thermal printers on the market.

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