Product Supply Chain Management

Our products include forms, labels, and hardware. Product Supply Chain Management addresses all the costs of the products we sell, and their life cycle. Remove the focus on product costs only and we are left to address the significant management, and handling costs of that product. We are able to reduce these significant costs and manage the products life cycle. How do we drive costs out? We first look at the costs associated with the product or it’s life cycle.

Product: Typically 20% of the cost
Use: 40% Use, (labor associated with the product), space costs, machine costs
Storage and Distribution: 15%
Procurement Purchasing, Receiving, Accounting - 15%
Management 10% Ordering procedures, use, training

Creating processes and products that focus on the entire cost associated with a product sets us a apart. Learn more about Barcodefactory and how we can automate any processes using software apps and the latest mobile computer technology, or RFID to track your products and processes. We are a technology and process company. Let our resources lead to your solution.

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